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Yucatan Cuisine, a man’s quest in capturing the flavors & unique cooking styles of Yucatan.

Yucatan Cuisine will share with you the plethora of flavors contained within the region of Yucatan. Diving into backstories of what I experience via my podcast, videos, discovered recipes, pictorials of the many dishes, and reviews of the must-visit foodie spots, from street food to gourmet in and around Yucatan and the world.

I will not be picky, and unbiased, I will make it a point to share all of my experiences.

Eat, Live, and Share, Yucatan Cuisine.

What is Yucatan Cuisine?

Hola, I am Alfonso Mujica a digital media creator taking a stab at something I have found to be deliciously adventurous

Perusing the world physically and digitally to bring you closer to the true experience and original taste of Yucatan and its many hidden culinary gems. I enjoy sharing my gluttonous adventures from wherever I may be but mostly when I am in Yucatan.

Not just a Foodie.






Best experienced in portrait.